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About Us

Specht – Ten Elsen Poultry Equipment is a German company founded in 1961, leaders in poultry cage systems for layers, pullets, breeders and broilers, with our own production site in Sonsbeck, Germany. Our products are 100% made in Germany, using materials that meet the highest quality standards, which come also, from German manufacturers.

Since our foundation, by Johannes Ten Elsen, the company has been researching and innovating to accomplish the highest standards as well as the best results from your birds. We have developed all kinds of cage systems and today we offer high quality solutions that meet the “cage free” requirements.

Our products are all around the world, they are installed and working in more than 60 countries, including Japan, The Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Saudi Arabia and Russia among many other. Many of our systems are over 25 years old and are still operating.

Our services

Specht – Ten Elsen of the Americas has arrived at the American market to provide solutions for the aviary industry in general and of egg farming in particular. We are a company that can provide key systems in hand, which include ventilation and control systems in addition to aviary systems. Cage-free systems and traditional. We can also provide any of these solutions individually.

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